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You'll never have guessed, how funny Kim Jong Il can be.


Dog Days 

(c) NY Times
Ulrich Seidls Film hits the screens of Manhattan. In the NY Times Elivs Mitchell compares it to American Beauty. He concludes: But Mr. Seidl has done something that sits in your head; his movie feels both flamboyant and deadpan. With "Dog Days," which achieves a verisimilitude that most directors would envy, he has made an engrossing and disturbing film that feels like a Dogma 95 film made by Todd Haynes.
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New York Blackout 

Blackout; Photo - Vincent LaForet, NY Times
see more pictures of darkness in new york. [Gothamist]


Bill Gates stood up for Apple 

In 1984 - C64s were dominating the market - Gates was featured in an advertsing supplement for Newsweek which promoted the then new Macintosh. He praised it as "the best CPU of all time".
And there he was standing alongside Mitch Kapor, now chairman of Open Source Applications Foundation and Mozilla Foundation.
Foto: Archiv
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Chuck Palahniuk thought he invented masturbation 

Talking to Elizabeth Spiers recently, Chuck Palahniuk, author of Fight Club, said he once thought he invented masturbation: " 'It was like the reverse of the shower scene in [the Stephen King thriller] Carrie," he said. "When I first inadvertently learned to masturbate - and I didn't know what it was - thought I'd invented it. And my first thought was, 'I'm going to make so much money off of this!' I actually saw myself giving seminars!' "
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Stuart Hughes 

After watching a report on Stuart Hughes (you know the bbc reporter who made it possible to receive news out of Iraq during war times via his blog.) on Austrian television I had a look at his website. There he asked for a translation of a German website, which awarded him website of the month. Gladly, he considerd my translation as being good enough and posted it on his website.


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