Zentropa Teasing 

Lars Von Trier's film Dogville has been out for a while now. At his film studios in Denmark they've built up their own community. And they indulge in teasing everybody they do business with: Teasing is very much a part of the Zentropa ethos. For instance, far from being bothered by his partner's travel fears, Peter Aalbaek Jensen embraces them. 'As I always say,' he grins, 'that way, Hollywood will never be able to grab him. I show him any kind of newspaper article about flights crashing and ferries going down.' Jensen does a lot of perverse things. He made Japanese buyers play table tennis to determine the price for Dogville. When tempers began to fray, he made everyone in his office wear slippers. And he once hospitalised five leading Swedish clients after pouring vodka on the stones in the Zentropa sauna.

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