SPY-ers generating Grambo buzz 

Lizzie feat. Uncle GramboUncle Grambo caught Lizzie Spiers at his very own publicity stunt in NYC. Thanx for that, so we can stock up on our E SPYers photo documentary. She's obviously been too much going out recently coz her blogs are deserted.


La Belle in the NY Bloggosphere 

Now even gothamist has caught up on British Belle after they have read a rather dull short article from the NY Post. I guess she's made it over the pond now! Even gawker featured her latest entry.


U.S. of Whatever 

There's nothing more like w-h-a-t-e-v-e-r than W. in his very own This Is My United States Of Whatever video.


Babes Against Bush 

As we start into 2004 it's time to present you the Babes Against Bush campaign. They list 99 reasons why Bush sucks: e.g. 94. Can't drive a Segway. !!
Actually that could have been Pt. 4 in our That's Why W. Is Funny series.

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