Jeff, please...!? 

We really enjoyed reading Jeff Jarvis' blogging about the media, but recently he's turned all patriotic and nationalist. He arrives at unprecedent heights with his latest post about what makes America exeptional. We really don't understand why some people have limited points of view like that. It all seems to be about we vs. them. "while we are under attack", oh your so like under attack like no-one has ever been. We also really feel sorry for the people who left comments to Jeff's entry. If someone opposes the general patriotic tenor, he/she gets slashed immediately. so what about free speech and tolerance?

UPDATE: this is to remind you to have a look at those disturbing comments! which we probably get due to Glenn Reynold's linking to it.


Help Dave W.! 

Please help Dave Winer as he proposes the ultimate emergence of a new political movement through blogs and meetup. We think he is going too far this time!

The ES Interview 

Why didn't we add that yesterday? Our Liz is featured in a Young Manhattanite Interview on Gothamist. Also featured: the already here featured Uncle Grambo hugging Lizzie shot.


Iraq' s Valentine 

Sgt. Blackwell "found" his love. Love across the lines [guardian]

Helpful Anil 

Helpful Anil explains RSS in a short post on Jeff's blog to someone who thought that an RSS thingie mails you a web page you would otherwise click on and read.
UPDATE: We also do like Ross Mayfield's explanation of the thingie, even though it's more complicated than Anil's.


Dean's Legacy 

Finally a word on Dean's legacy as the first presidential candidate to make use of the internet - at least initially. Was it worth it? For the nation, yes. A once-in-a-generation phenomenon has introduced millions of educated, computer-savvy, middle class Americans to the political process. ...
Dotcom candidate goes from boom to bust [guardian]


Robot Love 

We love Robot Love. Thank you Xeni. [via boingboing]


ULA vs Choire/Clorisse or Chorine 

In a recent argument between the ULA and gawker Ed. Choire, Clorisse or Chorine or whatever his name is, over whether Gawker [...] didn't want to believe that Peck would've known about the ULA when he wrote his Moody review or not,ULA concludes: The point is that the new Gawker, in his defense of the status quo, of things as they are, is very much part of the past -- a stale way of operating and thinking which the ULA is moving beyond. - poor Choire.

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