It's 'cringe-worthy' or 'cringeworthy' what supposedly identified Sarah Champion as Belle. However that word can be found like 19,000 times on the internet. All in all it seems to be a specifically British term, not only used by blogging adult entertainers but regular newspapers, too.


Wonkette launch party and the big Mediabistro interview for the AnticMuse.

Tracking Belle 

The peeps over at the Book Club Blog and LinkMachineGo are doing a great job keeping track of Belle's traces in the blogosphere and media-world. Now la Belle has scored an article in the Telegraph. -- Can you belive that, the TELEGRAPH !! One of the most memorable moments of the article is definitely when she tells about an incident early in her life: For years afterwards I believed the male member had a spiralling ridge going down it, the physical equivalent of the verb 'to screw'. When someone's older sister had a boyfriend, she was 'being screwed').

'I am a young woman. I have sex for money. And I love to write. This is my story...' [The Telegraph]



We have had our bit of Dogville coverage already. Now Gothamist debates whether to go and see the movie or not. Well, we can only say, go if you are interested in a bit of Brecht style in the movies. Meanwhile everyone should go to lowculture and check out their brilliant spoof of von Trier's city map.


The Denial 

Finally the big denial had to come around. Don Foster, the man who supposedly identified Belle makes clear not having done so: Contrary to what the Times has reported, I do not believe that the search for Belle is over. Moreover, the alleged one, Sarah Champion, put up scans of all the articles which have mentioned her. [via TBCB]


After reading up on all the Belle stuff from last weekend including Sarah Champion's own denial, the South Manchester Reporter delivers the intimate story featuring Elaine, a volunteer with the Withington Methodist church, and teacher Ed Wiley as well as a hillarious photo depicting a chubby Sarah (with a worst-case hair scenario) and her beloved parents.


JUST OUT: As the Scott from the Gum of the Stereo posts some pics of the Hanson's comeback Jen Gothamist tells us about Jake's secret love of the Hanson boys: When mmmBop came out, Jake said, "That girl is so hot." I said, "That girl is a boy named Taylor Hanson."

Cargo, Attention Please! 

By now Cargo Magazine has launched and we have read great background stories. They claim to filter the best out of the market. But they've definitely forgot to include Razorbar in the Style section. Or would that already qualify for the Tech part?? Look for yourself, it's just too ridiculously silly to describe.


Now we've found an ALLY for our "That's Why W. Is Funny" section.


Another thought on Belle: as for all the Losowsky and Orlowski thing which has drawn some attention to it, it came to my mind that Belle's manager has an Eastern European accent. So is that another hint?


Sarah Champion speaks out!


Gothamist So Proud 

the proud people of Gothamist on the set of Law & Order

... right now I just want to sit here and think about the visit. Best day ever!, says Jake. now I'm going to spend the weekend (and the rest of the year) thinking about how much I love the show and its cast and crew who welcomed us, says Jen. Both are so happy and proud that they got the chance to visit their stars of Law & Order. You can see their happy smiles. - Like little kids. We like that!

Belle's Weekend 

Over in Britain this weekend it's all about Belle de Jour REVEALED. According to Don Foster it seems to be Sarah Champion who is the writer behind the anonymous prostitute's diary. The Evening Standard reports how Professor Foster tracked her down. Champion's mother, however, denies that her daughter is Belle. Others say it could be Andrew Orlowski, or is it Andrew Losowsky (are they the same person?). The latter is at least the one who set up the confession board (or is at least hosting it) for outing oneself as being Belle. One of the Andrews could actually be one of the As. Another fact is that Champion is from the Manchester area and Belle often writes of being up North with her familiy. What's more is that Belle has accounts of nightlife and going out which are written in a very similar style to what Champion has published so far. Well, whether one of the alleged abandons disguise or not, you can at least get some Belle merchandise for now. And let's hope Belle de Jour is not a man!

Who is the real Belle de Jour, the internet's best-read whore? [Independent]


Maccerses Binge Drinking Breaking the News 

Maccerses gave an insight into her thoughts on UK drinking culture. She must have known something since the Economist obviously picked it up and says that Britons drink southern European quantities in northern European style.
Now that's how influential blogs are that's emergent democracy!
In a pickle [Economist]


Quick note: Did you know that Felix Salmon posts on Harry Potter attract adult content marketers, who promote x-rated content in the comments???

REVISED: Felix obviously deleted the post!


Liz Comes Back 

The Spiers of TheKicker fame has finally revived her personal blog and came up with two long postings featuring stories she recently wrote for Bergdorf Goodman Magazine and the "cover story" for the latest edition of NY mag.
The former is a new biography written with her ever so delightful wit. The latter is the cover story, well not the actual cover story ... ah, go and see yourself.


We Knew IT 

Well, we're sorta late, but it's just for keeping track anyway. Little Red Riding Hood aka Spiers, Elizabeth continues to create more buzz over at Uncle Grambo's.
And the Calacanis vs. Denton row continues. And Choire has neither mentioned the article on Gawker nor responded to the following so far: Choire Sicha seems to be distancing himself from the site, now describing himself in print as a writer for the Observer. "I’m in an awkward position," stuttered Sicha.


Little Red Riding Hood 

LRRHLRRHOur dear ES sports a new hairstyle. she's looking even more the part of the hip trend-setter she has perhaps reluctantly but inescapably become, says Rick (the paparazzi). We wouldn't go as far as that - at least not for the right pic, which features a disturbing almost miss piggy like look. Still that won't change our ever enduring esteem towards Lizzie, she has been undergoing several transformations ever since she appeared on the blog circuit.


Calacanis at War 

Jason Calacanis is heating up his feud with Nick Denton as he grabs gizmodo's editor and sets up the rival gadget blog engadget. Meanwhile Nick is playing nice and announces editorial changes. The move was echoed by Jeff Jarvis and induced a vivid debate at sippey. And Anil didn't want to be left behind so he put it in his daily links section suggesting denton and calcanis with pistols, at ten paces, for the honor of pete's love.

UPDATE: - Gothamist believes that both companies will grind each other into the dust and end up getting acquired by a Japanese USB noodle cooler manufacturer, a subsidiary of Bratz, or an internet casino.
- Gothamist Inteview with Pete Rojas
- Calacanis saying it's not personal but proud to list all the stories on the arguement


We Are the Dorks 

Thanks to Uncle Grambo, who included us in the new BLOG DORKS ONLY! section on his blogroll! We feel like William Hung now!


We've all been too forward on The Kicker. It's still happening. The Word from ES herself: it's exaggerated -- for now!

The Kicker Is Down 

BREAKING: Is Elizabeth Spiers' The Kicker down forever or is it just temporarily that the site does not appear and instead one is forwarded to the restaurant database and rate it feature on NYmetro.com?

UPDATE: more and more are weighing in on the subject, but nobody went as far as to give their opinion on Lizzies fate.
The Kicker, RIP [memefirst]
The Kicker Kicks It [gothamist]
The Death of The Kicker [gawker]

Unfortunately no word from ES herself so far!

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