Calacanis at War 

Jason Calacanis is heating up his feud with Nick Denton as he grabs gizmodo's editor and sets up the rival gadget blog engadget. Meanwhile Nick is playing nice and announces editorial changes. The move was echoed by Jeff Jarvis and induced a vivid debate at sippey. And Anil didn't want to be left behind so he put it in his daily links section suggesting denton and calcanis with pistols, at ten paces, for the honor of pete's love.

UPDATE: - Gothamist believes that both companies will grind each other into the dust and end up getting acquired by a Japanese USB noodle cooler manufacturer, a subsidiary of Bratz, or an internet casino.
- Gothamist Inteview with Pete Rojas
- Calacanis saying it's not personal but proud to list all the stories on the arguement

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