kinja Finally we get to see Kinja. Say "Kinja!" the way "Sega!"used to be said - quick, funny yet somewhat menacing - as you grab the collar of a nearby coworker and steal their change, say the peeps of Gothamist, who obviously seek the fun in everything. Go and read Nick's introduction and newsroundup.

Some of the big bloggers' digests: Lockhart, Choire, Eurotrash, Maccers, Jason "Superstar" Calacanis, TMFTML, Jake Gothamist, Jen Gothamist, Kottke, ..... actually a list like this should be available on the site. Or bloggers could put a link to their Kinja digest next to the usual rss feed link. We need an icon here!

And let's never forget: Kinja is not aimed at early adopters.

Blog-Bleary? Try (What Else?) a Blog [NYT]

ALSO: Be prepared to tune into GAWKER SE. The Gawker Senior edition will start on Monday!

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