Out-Drudge Drudge 

... At times, Wonkette reads like Gawker featuring George Stephanopoulos instead of Anna Wintour. Ms. Cox borrows heavily from the features that made Gawker popular (Gawker Stalker, the celebrity sightings roundup, became Wonk'd on Wonkette.) She subscribes to a decidedly Gawkeresque philosophy: try to be accurate, but more importantly, be funny. Mr. Denton, who is British, said he looked for good gossip columns in Washington and couldn't find any. "It's the most powerful place on the planet, and there's no inside story?" he said. "I don't know if it's because D.C. insiders like to keep it that way, but I'm in New York and I want to hear it." ...

First With the Scoop, if Not the Truth. [NYT]

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