tmftml IS Jesus 

Jesus has a blog! Did you know? It's tmftml Now he comes out with his first story which is totally different to those from the old synoptists. So that's the good thing about blogs. Everyone can publish get filtered afterwards. The bunch of four, who finally edited the whole Jesus story to get some PR machine running, didn't give Jesus a chance to write at least a byline on his own. Blogs rule, now Jesus can have his own opinionated voice in the media world. Read his take on the Cana wedding:
I grab Judas and I some water, which I turn into wine, because like I’m going to pay 7 dinars for the premium wine. Judas and I know how to pace ourselves. I only had couscous for dinner, because the robe is getting a little tight. (Falafel—so tasty, so fattening!) I am not a size 0 in most robes, but the Ephesians craft theirs to stretch, so you must buy them a size or two smaller than you are—make a note of that.


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