Whoohoo: Defamer 

defamer.comThe Denton launches his latest online adventure: The Defamer. It's the Gawker for Hell-A. And the welcome message makes the not-yet-household names shiver as they might fear the limelight:

"... We think the gossip in Hollywood has focussed a bit too much on the glamour, and not enough on the important stuff -- namely, the cold hard cash. (And, even better, the promise of cash that never materializes.) The real stars of Hollywood, after all, aren't even household names... yet. We hope that L.A., the greatest, cruelest city in the world, is finally getting the gossip rag it deserves."

We are just not sure whether that design will be good or bad for the success of the site. The editor of the site will remain anonymous. But now the Gawker empire has an editorial director - Choire Sicha. Now you missed a chance there Mlle. Spiers!

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