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LA-ist: Bluejake's revenge for loosing KrucoffGothamist lost Andrew Krucoff who is leaving for Gawker where he appeared as "statistician" lately and contributes Krucoff's Data Dump. But of course Jake Bluejake is not the one to surrender. He fights back by launching LA-ist to compete with the Defamer. Jake also claims that Chicagoist is a success - hey, were are the sitestats darling?

"Brit Brit wants to get married to this total scumlord douchebag" [whatevs]



Read Jeff Jarvis's take on Fahrenheit 9/11.

Sophomoric Celluloid Rewriting 

"Sophomoric celluloid rewriting of recent history", is what Chris Hitchens calls the Moore film.Unfairenheit 9/11. The lies of Michael Moore. [slate]


Jacques Peretti says: "the loss of art is infinitely more important than the loss of human life."

Mlle EurotrashET and the her pagan Porsche friends: "I tried. I really did try to feel the presence of the goddess. I walked and hugged and chanted and tried to meditate (but that's hard to do when all the voices in your head are discussing what a prat you are). Eventually, the sun began to rise."


As for the latest MK Olsen outrage stereogum has found proof in the archives of the NY blogosphere.


Kate Moss & Johnny Knoxville: once icons of obvs. now they're reduced to being algae-snorting hipster poseurs cum back-alley Webster Hall abortion cleaner uppers. sans buzz, indeed. [whatevs]


Jason McCabe Calacanis continues making friends:Jeff's follow up (admitting that he "screwed up royally") reads:

transcription of all past and all future social software panels:[via BuzzMachine]

Kurcoff's a bit late but here's his version of the Bluejake vs. Jason McCabe shake up

separated at birth
Well, perhaps Krucoff is right....


Swiss Voodoo 

We'll see if it was the right desicion to put that under "fun and games":Swiss campaign to hex Becks [BBC]


Jason vs. Jake: Actually we forgot to include the second IM conversation which led to the public apology on Gothamist. First Jason wants to send Jake on a walk to think about where 'n' what he wants to be in life, but is willing to call him "good man" in the end. Do you remember those better times when Jason threw a blogger bash at Waikiki Wally's and Bluejake was also invited?


Your Media Strategy, Bro! 

A kind reader of our blog has forwarded an IM conversation in which Jake Dobkin tries to talk people into some kind of media strategy:

The Next Fallout 

When Jake "Scooby Doo"bkin started to comment on the latest WeblogsInc site, BloggingBaby, he questioned Jason McCabe's business model as for how things will work out concerning Scale, Finances, and Agency Problems. All well so far. But then he wrote his musings on WeblogsInc's Quality. And that got Bluejake into trouble. Jason got *very upset* when he read:What followed was an IM conversation between Jason and Jake featuring strong language and ... It went off something like:and ended:So what can we learn? First that Jason is easily upset and second that Jake is not a very eloquent person when it comes to confrontation (and that he "forget[s] sometimes that people don't always have the same sense of humor" - well observed!)

Soon the blogosphere was buzzing about the hot topic du jour. And every single blog dork (oh, that's me) weighed in. Finally Jake posted a public apology. What's left is a boost for Jake and his "-ist" force conquering some ground in the blog market. Felix Salmon was keen to write up a quick portrait. Although Jakes still denies competing for some blog audience on a professional level, he actually does. Most obviously by launching direct attacks on both Nick and Jason. So Felix is definitely right by saying, "somewhere along the line, Gothamist stopped being just another New York blog, and started being a proper business which was competing directly with Gawker", - and now WeblogsInc, too.


The Gorilla contributes a Wonkette worthy post:


Gawker Media still provides stats for its sites, even though sitemeter does not cooperate. But the new ones are better anyway:
- Gawker stats
- Fleshbot stats


Eurorash's first Manolos:
up for grabs

Ad Experience 

As Gothamist is rising to become a competitor on the blogging niche, it's funny to see that everyone seems keen to advertise for Nike Labs and their Art of Speed campaign. Gothamist has introduced Graphic Ads between 4th and 5th post just like Gawker. And from there they also crosslink to their other -ist properties, you know, just like Gawker. COPYCAT! (BTW: While we still think that playing the -ist card is clever enough, the Chicago-... part is not)
Anyway, we're pleased to notice an upgrade on the advertised brands and are happy that those screen saver ads have disappeard from Gawker. One thing we are wondering about though is, why the sitemeter stats have disappeared from Gawker.com and why Gothamist has never even bothered to put stats on the site! We call for transparency!

Gawker PR machine has landed again:
Nike Tries a New Medium for Advertising: The Blog [NYT via buzzmachine]

The one we're all keen to possess: Jason McCabe Calacanis's cell phone #!


The Art of Speed 

Since Thursday we have seen the latest marketing scoop of bloglands: Nick Denton's contract publishing model for blogs. Exciting development, especially since big brands seem to be attracted to it. Remy Stern has also posted a round up of praise on the microsite.
Yet, he did not include what the Jakester had to say.Do we spot some jealousy behind this? Well, anyway Gothamist has Puma skyscrapers.

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