Ad Experience 

As Gothamist is rising to become a competitor on the blogging niche, it's funny to see that everyone seems keen to advertise for Nike Labs and their Art of Speed campaign. Gothamist has introduced Graphic Ads between 4th and 5th post just like Gawker. And from there they also crosslink to their other -ist properties, you know, just like Gawker. COPYCAT! (BTW: While we still think that playing the -ist card is clever enough, the Chicago-... part is not)
Anyway, we're pleased to notice an upgrade on the advertised brands and are happy that those screen saver ads have disappeard from Gawker. One thing we are wondering about though is, why the sitemeter stats have disappeared from Gawker.com and why Gothamist has never even bothered to put stats on the site! We call for transparency!

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