Spiers Blogging Expertise 

Elizabeth Spiers informed us that she'll be on a panel at the 2004 AEJMC Convention in Toronto this weekend speaking about "The Evolution of Web Logs and Their Journalistic Promise" . She'll be there along side some of the big guys such as Jay Rosen. They actually present her as
Elizabeth Spires [!], New York Magazine, the kicker.nymetro.com
-- you know, SPY-ers.

The main question of this story is, however, what expertise does ES still have to offer, now that she has dropped out of the blogosphere ages ago (in blogosphere terms)? The Kicker saw its last update somewhen in May, if I remember rightly, and then only because Jason requested it. Certainly she did marvelous things over at Gawker. But is that enough to talk about blogs and journalism, especially now after we've seen all the convention blogging issues? ES has not participated in this and other recent events which stirred up the relationships between old an new media!

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