Bloggings has been scarce to none for a few days now and will remain scarce to none until at least October 6th!
You can however use common means of correspondence (read: email)! So don't you worry, we're not yet out of the sphere like others, who died recently.


Obsessive Blogging, Drinking & Terrorists 

Some of the highlights from Maud's latest account on the blogosphere:
We were carefree and intoxicated and could not have cared less about blogging. Except that, unlike my friends, I went home at midnight and posted about books until 5 am.

My first posts were clumsy and misguided, like my grandfather's answering-machine announcements.

When I slept, I dreamt of war and of terrorist attacks on Manhattan.

It occurred to me then that the drinking and preoccupation with war news were neither helping the people of Iraq nor harming the Bush administration.
We discuss online slights, real and imagined, and she tells me that for my mental health I need to spend less time blogging.
A Blogger on Blogging [via T-MUFFLE]

Eurotrash Spinoff 

Eurotrash has had a spinoff blog since the beginning of August called On My Way into Work. A couple of days ago she got big hugs from Todd Levin for her spinoff. He told people how much he likes her writing on that site in a mass email which ET proudly featured.

BTW: If you want to read a special give away by Todd, you can either send him an email via his online form or follow our LINK. He actually would only give it to those who manage to complete his email form.

Refill's Birthday Bash 

"steal this image. Pass it about. Post it around. Scream her name, banshees" Since cewebrity asked to do so, here we go:
Refill will fill you up on Sept. 24th

Bloggers Who Get It Right 

Finally, bloggers who get it right on Rathergate:
Rather's Satisfaction: Mystifying Troubles at CBS [pressthink]
Dan's Mistake [buzzmachine]


Gawker Invades Gothamist Space 

Oh, how we love it when Gawker buys the ad space on Gothamist.
Ad Invasion

Blogging in MS Word 

We didn't believe it when we read some of the latest Calacanis wisdom:
I use WORD to edit blog posts
Why the heck would someone seriously use MS WORD to compose blog entries. Now that you've even got all that WYSIWYG interface for blogging software, why would someone bother to work with WORD?


Diaries/Blogs Affect Mental Health 

As researchers from the Glasgow Caledonian University found out, keeping a diary is high risk for one's mental condition. While we always thought blogs will change the world (you know those Winers and Jarvises) The Herald reports:
Yet, according to experts at a psychology conference in Edinburgh yesterday, diarists actually risk their mental health by recording life's traumatic experiences and their innermost thoughts. [...] making frequent entries in a diary and rereading them can be associated with poor mental health.
Aren't we the diarists of today, some of us even claim to be elite media? Yet, we'll all end up in a nuthouse...


Idiots Dot Com 

Mark Cuban and his fortune through idiots from Yahoo to reality TV:
Cuban became a billionnaire by finding idiots at Yahoo.com who bought his Broadcast.com [...] he sold a company to idiots at CompuServe, [...] He makes money finding idiots, one of whom will now make a million bucks. [buzzmachine]


"Who is" Research 

Keen to show off their research skills, Gawker did some "background research" on who is behind the Lloyd-Grove-is-a-scumbag site. They revealed some Ernie Savage as the internerd. All that and who this is doesn't really matter to us. They found out about Savage looking up the Whois entry for the scumbag site domain. And that's the point which raises our concern, because Blueprint Coen actually links to the relevant Whois entry.

Now there's a Terms of Use of this database which says:
under no circumstances will you use this data to: (1) enable high volume, automated, electronic processes that stress or load this whois database system providing you this information; [...] dissemination or other use of this data is expressly prohibited without prior written consent from us.
Isn't there supposed to be an editorial director or a publisher to have an eye on such things?

Training Days 

after first day of trainingThis is so best. Brit Brit with her latest message to the world: "MILF IN TRAINING". It can't get any better. I do hope someone follows her round and puts out a documentary like "Britney - The White Trash Years" or something. [stereogum]


Jess Jest 

First, clearing up on things we've reported earlier today: The concerned Cewebrity Switch Ad was removed because it's too explicit on drug use and resulted in fear over losing the job. -- Well, that's as real as blogging can get! However, we can expect a new re-edited version sans drogues!

Now, the latest cewebrity TV bulletin brings Gawker fresher Jess Coen to your screen. From what we can tell, she, like, totally could have starred in Mean Girls.

A Dirty Shame 

Gawker's 2nd contract publishing gig to promote A Dirty Shame, latest film by John Waters, featuring a less than B-list cast. It's hosted on the Defamer site and written by Remy Stern, who also did the Art of Speed thingy.

: A Dirty Shame (Defamer)

Lindsayism Pulls Out 

As we have informed you in one of the latest postings, Ben Cewebritiy put up some awesome "switch ads" featuring our most important Bloggerati. Now Mlle. Lindsayism pulled out and obviously wanted to be removed, which Ben announced saying that he had "been contractually obligated to remove" hers. Yet, for those who still want to get a glimpse of the wonderful Ms. Robertson her movie is still available:

Link 1
Link 2 (link to file)

If these sources should fail, send request to franzstehrn (at) hotmail (dot) com! We can help you out!

UPDATE: The above mentioned links don't work no more! But you know, you've still got the chance...


Other Page 

Hurray! The Other Page has seen its first print-only edition. Since we can read stuff by Maud and the likes, we wondered why there's no contribution by beloved Eurotrash in it. After some investigation sources say she has been asked, but was a) too lazy b) couldn't be bothered c) gives a poo [to remain in ET's diction and a tribute to ET's gifted use of the English language] about it.

So Best 

Some say best blog fucking ever: Watch 30 sec. clips of your true American blog idol including - among others - tee-star Lindsayism, douchementarian Steele biting off his lips; more are announced. We hope to see some ES and ET too.


Out of Order 

So we've been out of order for most of the summer. We just couldn't care no more. Meanwhile loads of things happened in the high profile area of the blogosphere: that blueprint girl took over Gawker from Choire, there's been a wedding in the -ist lands which are still expanding throughout urban wastelands across this country, the Calacanis section finally changed their design - hosanna - and the voice of Cewebrity gained a strong following sporting a truly stalking tone. What's more, Grambo fell for Republicans during the RNC, even though he "loathe[s] the idea of giving press to the right" and The Kicker saw some daylight around that time too.
So far so good. That pretty much sums things up, doesn't it? We know we've also been absent with conversation, but feel free to drop us a line about latest developements...

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