Heated Circulation Debate 

"Bear is absolutely right and The Times is absolutely wrong", that's the story for Jeff.

Guess what, we're talking about the NY Times referring to stats published by Mr. Bear for Daily Kos as "visited by more than 500,000 people daily" in a recent article on the influence of political bloggers. Bear then has asked Bill Borders, a senior editor at the Times, for a correction because in the diction of the Times these numbers would indicate 500,000 individuals visiting the site whereas the number on Bear's site is based on sitemeter which says 500,000 visits (!). By the definition of "visits" both, Bear and Jeff, are right.

Bill Borders, however, has a point to himself with his view of the facts when he brings the following example in the email conversation between Bear and him:
When we say that a site is visited "by more than 500,000 people daily," do you
think readers assume we mean 500,000 different people? An analogy that comes to
mind is ridership on trains and subways. When we report the number of daily
riders on New York's subway system the figure includes me in the morning and me
again in the evening. Is that counting double? And is the figure therefore
You decide!

PS: We're sorry but that is as heated as debates get in the *sphere since Nick and Jason became officially friends.

UPDATE 11/02: NYT is very likely to issue a correction.


Old News Yet So New 

Actually we just wanted to write up a posting which would've been about how great it was in the blogosphere when our dear Elizabeth Spiers was on the circuit. Almost a year ago we were asking, whatever happened to Elizabeth Spiers. Now we're very curious what will happen... We don't have to dedicate a posting to the inital issue any more.
ES quits her dayjob at NY Mag and goes to mediabistro. They'll launch numerous blogs. ES actually intends to "train" bloggers who want to write on the relaunched mb site. There's been MILF in training, so soon you'll see people wandering round Manhattan sporting "Blogger in Training"-t-shirts. Competition with Nick and Jason will be fierce. Gawker's prediction for the stunt: "Elizabeth is going to get bored picking through cocktail polaroids and will strangle Laurel by Christmas."

Even though writing it's by necessity, we're definitely looking forward to all that and are happy to read the promised new flood postings after we've endured drought for so long!

best follow up photo shop competition to a SNL show. still, she looks hot!

UPDATE: to make it clear, honeys, "hot" refers to that photo-shop-contest picture alone and not to any other Ashlee Simpson pics for now. We really like her haircut! So no more confusion, plz.

Hey Jude 

"Hey, Jude, don't make it bad
Take a sad song and make it better...."

We're really sorry for Jude Law that his spotlight was overshadowed by Ashlee S. on SNL. Yes, we are late, yet it was so good! Better coverage 1 2 3 4. Also featuring lamest apology evs (.avi)


no buzz: "if being a wannabe strung out Blondie action figure w/ 382% less sex appeal than pat benatar is cool, then consider me the trannie ric ocasek"


10.33 AM and No News 

10:33 am and first up on Screenhead there's still yesterdays last posting. Shame on you Shlong. We thought it was supposed to be "for guys who are too lazy to watch TV". Well, for now TV wins can't be bothered to wait for new "funny shit". [Ed. - ridiculous quotes from here]

There are people from Atlanta who read our site! - brilliant! Actually Spencer would also qualify for writing a Gawker blog taking into consideration that being a part of an army is such an asset that Nick is looking for. Like Matt Gallant of soon-to-come-kotaku-fame was, he's in the army, too!

Dig Lit 

the Web is home to hundreds of sites that talk about, pick on, poke at and generally mull over books, writers and writing ... The sites of print publications (like The New York Times Book Review) have been excluded to allow more space for pure creatures of the Internet.


Missing Out On Testosterone 

When did all this happen? A couple of days ago Gawker launched a shitload of new blogs at once, three actually. First up: Jalopnik is for cars and written by Mike Spinelli. Bet Spinelli was touted by Jerk-off. I mean isn't it a bit selfish of Andrew to first leave Lasagnafarm for Gothamist Interviews and only a handful of interviews later changes sides to Gawker and now brings in all the interview expertise with his friend of old days, when they were Young Manhattanites. Smells like nepotism for us!

Second: there's Kotaku, basically a gamer's maze.

To complete the trio of testosterone: Shlong is writing Screenhead which is supposed to be about so called "funny shit" and for "guys who are not in the mood for Fleshbot" - blogga plz!!!

Nick has in depth commentary on the testosterone launch and he is very happy to have Audi on board as yet the "most significant advertiser". He also kindly provides stats and a side bar link for Gawker traffic on his slightly redesigned blog.

Now, what's still missing is commentary from the enemy. As verified with Technorati neither Jason nor Jake have put out a word on the new sites or linked to them. There's some fierce competition lurking around the corner, especially for Calacanis and his Autoblog. The one advantage he still has, though, is that "Jalopnik" might not be as easy a name to be remembered such as straight forward "Autoblog".

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