Missing Out On Testosterone 

When did all this happen? A couple of days ago Gawker launched a shitload of new blogs at once, three actually. First up: Jalopnik is for cars and written by Mike Spinelli. Bet Spinelli was touted by Jerk-off. I mean isn't it a bit selfish of Andrew to first leave Lasagnafarm for Gothamist Interviews and only a handful of interviews later changes sides to Gawker and now brings in all the interview expertise with his friend of old days, when they were Young Manhattanites. Smells like nepotism for us!

Second: there's Kotaku, basically a gamer's maze.

To complete the trio of testosterone: Shlong is writing Screenhead which is supposed to be about so called "funny shit" and for "guys who are not in the mood for Fleshbot" - blogga plz!!!

Nick has in depth commentary on the testosterone launch and he is very happy to have Audi on board as yet the "most significant advertiser". He also kindly provides stats and a side bar link for Gawker traffic on his slightly redesigned blog.

Now, what's still missing is commentary from the enemy. As verified with Technorati neither Jason nor Jake have put out a word on the new sites or linked to them. There's some fierce competition lurking around the corner, especially for Calacanis and his Autoblog. The one advantage he still has, though, is that "Jalopnik" might not be as easy a name to be remembered such as straight forward "Autoblog".

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