Old News Yet So New 

Actually we just wanted to write up a posting which would've been about how great it was in the blogosphere when our dear Elizabeth Spiers was on the circuit. Almost a year ago we were asking, whatever happened to Elizabeth Spiers. Now we're very curious what will happen... We don't have to dedicate a posting to the inital issue any more.
ES quits her dayjob at NY Mag and goes to mediabistro. They'll launch numerous blogs. ES actually intends to "train" bloggers who want to write on the relaunched mb site. There's been MILF in training, so soon you'll see people wandering round Manhattan sporting "Blogger in Training"-t-shirts. Competition with Nick and Jason will be fierce. Gawker's prediction for the stunt: "Elizabeth is going to get bored picking through cocktail polaroids and will strangle Laurel by Christmas."

Even though writing it's by necessity, we're definitely looking forward to all that and are happy to read the promised new flood postings after we've endured drought for so long!

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