growing a moustache for charity!

Jake Fleshbot Style  

Jake got to go to the Penthouse Executive Club to take shots of the crowning of the 2005 Penthouse Pet of the Year. He obviously was lured there by Victoria Zdrok who did a Gothamist Interview recently and was the pet of 2004.
Maybe all that is a start for Dobkin to move into a new -ist field of adult oriented -ist content doing it Fleshbot style. What about Sex-ist? (Domain still available!)

Did you know that the Guardian's Game blog has a link to Jason's Joystiq, but not to Nick's Kotaku. Now you'd guess that the Brit hast better connections to his country, but seems Jason did better lobbying there! Yet Nick can't be beaten for his connection into the NYT's headquarters!


BlogTK Lacks Blogstreet Cred 

Now we've seen Elizabeth Spiers's BlogTK since the beginning of November. And what we have to forward to our readership now is our personal opinion that it simply sucks yet again, like the Kicker. Delays of six to seven days for a new posting are common (telling from the last two entries). And certainly preparations for or the celebration of Thanksgiving are not a sufficient excuse for the lack of output - and also not related overexposure to drink during those events.
So get yourself together if you want to regain some decent blogstreet cred!

How to End a Presidential News Conference 

here's how, maybe a classic:


The golden fiddler is strongly matching Grambo for the crown of ... and points us to Stella McCartney and Gwyneth Paltrow appearing as Madonna in a tribute to - guess who - Madonna!


We Love Jake 

We're just about to explode and that's only because we love city centric blogs: Jake has just added LONDONIST to his ever increasing portfolio. You know, London, our second favourite city after the place we live in (=NY). It's been announced on Gothamist yesterday. It's still in beta mode and edited by former "The Big Smoker" bloggers Rob Hinchcliffe and Euan Mitchell. Their old site redirects straight to the new -ist property now.
Their fiercest competitor might be the London outlet of Metblogs while Nick as far as I can confirm is not planning to launch a London version of Gawker.


I'm sorry I'm not going to get through this waiting all the time for news and updates. I'll let the hours pass until we have some decent facts and figures out and some discussion has happened. No use sitting in front of the screen right now as most pundit sites are down. You know where to get your first hand account of all things electoral if you can't wait. Back soon!

Early Exit Poll 

Pollsters you've got them already:

what is a "grain of salt" for dailykos is "sweet, sweet tune" for Wonkette.

Slate also has the first round of figures. But is server is down:
slate down

Down Down Down 

All the political pundits' blog are down! In our case we reach neither Jeff nor InstaGlenn for the second time today. See also Wonkette and Aaron (he's down right now, too!)!

Is it just hosting issues or some liberal wizkid running DOS?

Do the Final Election Exam 

Before you vote: Do theNYT's Final Exam. It has the crucial questions for you:

15. Identify Hans Blix.

a) A former United Nations weapons inspector.
b) A Norwegian laundry detergent.
c) The leader described by Mr. Bush as the "Danishian prime minister."
d) A character on "Saturday Night Live" who mocked "girlie-men."
e) One of Santa's reindeer.

We say B!



Obviously there are people who have a much better Halloween costume story than we have. What's more, they have the skill to coincidently combine it with the announcement of their new blog over at mediabistro. BlogTK. Not sure what to expect? neither are we. The goal is to cover "all things media". Well, there's already someone who claims to do that and others are doing a pretty good job, too! So where's the different approach that makes it worth hitting reload?

PS: Spiers still uses her old AIM screenname (spiersnym) from NY Magazine.

This Year's Mask 

the perfect Halloween mask 2004 This year we thoroughly enjoyed Halloween. We chose to dress up as a gay blogger. Even though it took us hours in front of the mirror, the hard work was worth the effort. Perhaps the most difficult task was to prepare the mask and to get the little frowning right. Yet we still wanted to look fresh and crisp, just off from Bliss spa. Being editorial director for the moment was scary. Still, the night out was thrilling and our impersonated character proved to be hugely successfull with heterosexual women - blogging and non-blogging alike. We got dissed in every single gay bar, though!

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