Blogs In Review (Jason vs. Nick - 1:0 ?) 

Fortune is listing the top 10 tech trends - and blogs run in at no. 1. As far as we are concerned David Kirkpatrick and Daniel Roth did a nice job summarizing the basics of blogland. It's no in depth analysis but what can you expect from Fortune, when most of their readers still have to dig the blog thingy.
Stunningly our field of expertise was hit by the article when we noticed that Jason's empire stood in the limelight and for once not Nick's. Both Engadget and Autoblog get the plug for either Kryptonite issue or the Mazda issue.
At this point we have to halt our analysis and strike the above senctence as we are disappointed by the poor citing from Kirkpatrick and Roth:
Continuing with the regular entry: Only a few lines later we read about "Engadget competitor Gizmodo" and not as one would expect Gizmodo competitor Engadget. Also Nick is only even mentioned in one of the last paragraphs: "Jason Calacanis and Nick Denton, are going head-to-head with stables of popular blogs (Engadget and Autoblog vs. Gizmodo, Gawker, and Wonkette, among others)." Jason's first up here again.

This, however, my not account for much since the two authors have failed ridiculuously to cite correctly!

Jerk-off will be doing Gawker into 2005 as the Coen girl takes a "break" from the sleazy Manhattan work environment. Wonder what that "break" is like since all work for the House of Gawker seems like a "break" to me....


Gmail Account for Birthday 

Hope you all had a wonderfull Xmas! A friend of mine who is very unlucky to have his birthday a few days right after Xmas - means: less presents over the year - desperately wants a Gmail account. I'd be happy to make that happen for him, yet I don't know how to get one now (as Google does not provide new accounts for now)!
I'd appreciate any help on that, please send mail to franzstehrn [at] hotmail [dot] com


Stealing the "-ist" 

Jason McCabe Calacanis's blog Luxist has been around for about a month now. I wonder when Jake will take action against WeblogsInc in order to protect his "-ist" brand in the field of blogging.
Sure, there would be the likely event of another fall out featuring a heated AIM conversation, but hey is -ist solely -ist or is it now part of Jason's blog world?


No Link But an Interview 

Nick hasn't got a link to his Kotaku from the Guardian Games Blog (as Jason has to Joystiq) yet. But his girl scored an interview with the Guardian's weekend edition, the Observer:

New kids on the blog [via Grambo]


Christian and Desperate Houswive 

I am a Christian [...], I sing in the choir, [...] I preach sermons, I teach Sunday school. But I also like Howard Stern and Desperate Housewives.
This is Jeff Jarvis


Grambo On the Verge 

Our dear Uncle Grambo seems on the verge to ... whatevs. Clockwise from top left: having severe questionable taste in women, forcing Grrrls to get drunk to cope with his company and forcing them to spill the drink on their TEES, finally scaring people on the dancefloor. - We'd expected something more decent from you!

(To view the action in colour, go to i keep a diary.)


After days of a problem with the blogger publishing system you finally get to read my last posts. Not that fresh any more but still crisp! - I hate blogger sometimes. but Technorati is really worst!

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