As Always - Dan Galore 

Dan Gillmor as of today is history for the Mercury News and starts his own thing for promoting grassroots journalism at his new Typepad Blog: Dan Gillmor on Grassroots Journalism. most important paragraphs of his farewell:
And, as always, the people and institutions currently holding the clout don't cede it willingly. Governments are clamping down on us in all kinds of ways. Incumbent business powerhouses are trying to hold back the tide as well, not just to keep their positions but also to thwart new innovation that might threaten them [...] we need to keep the pressure up, as citizens and people who want the freedom to use these new tools and live in liberty. The stakes are high, and liberty takes work.

During these past 10 years I've enjoyed a privileged, front-row seat -- not on a roller coaster, even if it occasionally seemed that way, but a vehicle of exploration. I'm grateful for the opportunity to have taken this fantastic ride.
There's definitely some serious freedom of speech action going on here. And there he goes and exchanges his privileges for a simple green Typepad blog account.
What we can break his last old and first new words down to so far is: he remembers us several times "I'm not smart enough". also: he misses being on a payroll of a large media corp and the mentioned privileges more than once: "miss [...] pay, benefits and freedom to say what I believed"
Does this mean he can no longer say what he believes in?

We are seriously confused as we secretly admire Dan (unfortunately we cannot put him on our blogroll since he doesn't fit our immediate bloggerati concernes - therefore secretly like most of you). But what is this going to be when all we hear is: "project is still very much in an embryonic state", "In the longer term, who can say?", "ponder the present and future" etc.
Starting a conversation is what he wants to do right now. if you can make money off conversations - brilliant, we're looking forward to it!

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