Jalopnik vs. Autoblog 

just curious: Jalopnik vs. Autoblog
graph: Jalopnik vs. Autoblog - Daily Reach
graph: Jalopnik vs. Autoblog - Daily Traffic Rank Trend
graph: Jalopnik vs. Autoblog - Daily Pageviews
Update: Just when we thought this is going to be the feature of the week, we notice that Jason did a post on the success of his Autoblog only yesterday. He starts with a sidenote on his relationship to Nick, and then compares Autoblog's performance to common industry sites (not Jalopnik!) by using an Alexa table.
Now very interesting: Jason says, "Of course, we're linking to the big boys all day long. We're not competitive with them ..." One site he doesn't link to on Autoblog is Jalopnik (well, there was this recent gig), whereas Jalopnik does have Autoblog on its blogroll. This may be due to the fact that Autoblog does not have a blogroll which links to non-WIN blogs after all. And that tells a lot!!

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