Missed in '04: Jason Calacanis for Paper Mag 

Did we miss this? It seems the blogging world out there has. Jason Calacanis wrote an article for Paper Mag in May 04! Technorati shows: no-one linked to it. In this article Jason gives his account of "the blog wars" (Calacanis vs. Denton). Seriously engaging in war, we never knew that!? And did you know that Nick's approach is "traditional media" whereas Jason's is "very new economy".
Best of all: PaperMags profile of Jason at the end:
Jason McCabe Calacanis is a blogger (calacanis.weblogsinc.com) and a blogger advocate. He wants to make bloggers enough money so that they don't have to work for the Man, while generating enough revenue so he can leave JetBlue behind for the benefits of private aviation.

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