War launched - Return of the Empire - Gang Bang to Come 

Just when we though it's all over: server outage over the weekend, no new bloggerati news to come...
and then, the date history has been waiting for: Jan 31st 2005! This day will be the one to remember, it's our rememberance day, it's our independence day, or it might turn out to be doom's day!

Just when Elizabeth Spiers went online with her brand new mediabistro projects, which comprise a handful of blogs rivalling Nick's sites, ye ol' Denton launches hot new stuff with Lifehacker (suppose we won't wait long for a Calacanis counter attack on this one, even though they are reportedly friends now) and Gridskipper, the latter of which is a travel guide to cities' coolness edited by the notorious & infamous Krucoff. Gridskipper is definitely in for some competition with Jake's -ist and Metblogs. I guess Nick knew he had to fight back immediately with picking the same launch date as Elizabeth! And of course, he scored with some exclusive sponsor deals: Sony, and the bit less exclusive CheapTickets.com.

Back to Liz Spiers: "fishbowl" blogs covering the IT lists and gossip stints of NY, DC, and LA. To complete the information overflow of today's launches there's media centric blogs TVNewser and Galleycat, and last not least one hot property that could be Lockhart Steele's idea: the (whether it will be THE we will soon find out) design blog UnBeige.

Now this will so like totally be a year of navel gazing and self referential ecosystem blogging! And we're looking forward to that!! It'll be some kind of blogging gang bang: Jason vs. Nick vs. Jake vs. Elizabeth! (forgive me should you deem this inappropriate!)

Also read Uncle Grambo's take on the news. He hopes for THE catfight of Spiers vs. Coen!

: The Denton PR machine got the NY Times going the day before - well done, Nick!

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