Back from Oblivion 

Back from oblivion - or not. Well, we had to take some time off, so we can enjoy our wintersun and the delight of hot tea and honey. Meanwhile props go out to the anonyma behind life is a pigeon for blogrolling us along the creme de la creme de la terre des blogueurs as they say in France.
Unfortunately we've still got a shit load of work piling up every day so blogging might remain scarce, unless there are such big news that Lizzi Spiers is growing her hair out. Probably we should start podcasting about that since every single jerk out there thinks he's the new Howard Stern (we really enjoyed whatching his show on telly recently (forgive us the British wording in this catchy phrase!)).
In the meantime we hope La Spiers gets her branding problem sorted. It's been a month now!

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