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Well, we've done our bit of "some blogs" reporting. But here's one more thing: in case Spoonbender has not Haloscan Pro account, we want to preserve Kasey's very own thoughts here to be remembered forevs:
I have not commented publicly on this because i do not want to fuel the fire ad infinitum. However, this is the first intelligent discussion i have read about this, and I wanted to share a few of my thoughts.

the girly blogger site and the someblogs site were indeed variations on the same theme. Thank you for pointing that out. it can be argued that the execution of the two sit on different points of the spectrum of cruelty, but the sentiments were along the same lines. vilifying me only serves to now expose the hypocrisy of the situation.

although i did not author the site, i stood accused and my name was prominently featured twice on gawker because, as jessica coen told me, "the real story is that you are a grad from a prestigous journalism school. If you weren’t, I wouldn’t even write about it." Even if I didn’t do it? “oh yes,” she said. “that a journalism grad even stands accused of it is a big story.” Doesn’t that tarnish my name? Here is where we unveil an even bigger story, at least in my opinion.

gawker and its staff hide behind the tenets of journalism and the idea that they are real reporters who abide by a code of ethics, the same ethics that I supposedly discarded. However, Jessica and the other “reporters” did not disclose their conflict of interest. Jessica coen and sarah lewittin are friends, and sarah had the power to use gawker for her own agenda. Information from my private conversations with Jessica Coen that did not end up in her attempt at an “article” ended up on various blogs instead. How’s that for journalistic ethics?

The description of someblogs in their first article was “vicious” with a particulary “rabid comments section,” but then with relatively no new information regarding the site itself, it was rewritten as an “anti-Semitic little hate blog” with the investigation of myself called “quasi.” What the fuck is that? I take it as an admission that this was a witch hunt for someone to blame.

If gawker writers want to be real journalists, they need to stop kidding themselves that they are crusaders for justice and truth as writers for a regional gossip blog that has only its friends’ best interests in mind and has yet again proved to be nothing short of libelous.

I admit that my inaction garners guilt, however we are all adults and I can’t force anyone to make the right choices. I too got a taste of it firsthand when I had no power to remove what was being said about me on someblogs’ comments section.

What is happening now on various online forums says nothing about who I really am but rather, only serves to show that I have enemies and former friends just like anyone else. They obviously have anger to get off their chests but it really has little to do with the blogstorm and only shows that most people are far worse in character and intention than what they accuse me of.

I have learned many lessons in the past week, and will apply them heavy handedly to my life and mind. Sadly, many others will go on with their lives continuing to be caught up in absurd nonreality.

As the lovely bjork sang, “there is more to life than this.”

Thank you spoonbender, for the intelligent discussion.

Kasey Doshier
These days you can read Kasey's real blog which will be known under the name of "Jump out your window". But that's not the only account of the affair we want to save. We also very much liked Linday Lindsayism's contribution:
1. I had nothing, NOTHING, NOOOOTHING to do with that "anti girly blogger" site, and EVERYTHING to do with begging the person who did it (who, btw, is Jewish herself and I'm pretty sure never said anything anti-Semetic, and the idea that any sort of legal action was threatened is funny, but untrue) to remove it. The ONLY reason that site was removed was because I asked for it to be after I saw it, FOR THE FIRST TIME, nearly a week after it went up! (She sent me the link on the first day, I briefly looked at it and giggled, thinking it was just a one-off thing that at that time had not mentioned a single person by name, and then forgot about it until there was an uproar later that week.)
The girl who wrote it is a funny, sweet girl who had never (to my knowledge) blogged before and had no idea what she was getting into. She felt really bad that people thought it was me. I felt really bad that people thought it was me. I wrote an apology letter to Heather of This Fish about it. I'm really annoyed right now that there are still people (Zsa) who think I had anything to do with it, because I never would have.
2. As for the someblogs "scandal", this is the first comment I'm making on it - if you think YOU are sick of it...my god, you have NO IDEA. The last week of my life has been my friends discussing that blog as if it had any relevance to our lives or importance of any kind. At first I was happy the author was outed in "Justice For Karen: A Lifetime Original Movie" sort of way, but then things got out of hand. And I'm in this weird position because I don't want to seem unsupportive of the people I love who were genuinely hurt by that site, but I also think that this James Stanford guy, whoever he is, is already a troubled enough person (think about the hours he put into all that hate - do any of us even have the time, much less the passion, to undertake such an endeavor? Kasey has described him as a loner who just sits in his room alone writing mean things. He sounds like he was blogging instead of, say, planning to assasinate the president or something) and anything we do in retaliation just incites more hate and gives him the validation he always wanted. My position is that people have the right to their opinions, however asinine, and maybe, just maybe, if we would stop GOOGLING OURSELVES every five minutes to see what was being said about us, we wouldn't even know about it or care. While I truly feel for the women who were hurt by that site, and they really were and it was shitty, I think the proper response would have been to ignore it, not to dignify it with an answer. I think when you make the choice to be a writer and to put yourself out there, you have to understand that there will be people who don't like you. Just as the someblogs site made those it ridiculed seem to be bigger figures than they actually were, this "scandal" makes someblogs seem more important than it actually was. Honestly, I don't think anyone even read that site except the author and the people he slammed (until now).
To paraphrase the ACLU or whatever, while I don't particularly like that you say I'm fat and ugly and untalented, I'll defend to the death your right to say it.

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