Kasey Is Not a Whale 

Kasey does not look like a You might wonder, who is that girl? We are quite sure you have been introduced to thEEE affair which blognerd history will remember as the "Some Blogs" affair. Gawker did some surprisingly decent reporting which is definitely not their usual pursuit. Anyway, this girl is the alleged Kasey Doshier. Some claimed she was looking like a whale. Thanks to Uncle Grambo that picture there is outing her as the hipster hotness rather than a "whale" (at least he suggests it to be her).

Who'd think that this obviously charming grrrl writes hate speech and denounces innocent people, like Jews. (Being one half myself, I'd be quite astonished, too). It must definitely be that James Stanford. Shame on you Stanford! (please don't be upset if you're a Cardinal)

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