The Fiddler has the most revealing Lindsay Lohan pic so far showing off her alleged eating disorder in a rather obvious way. Please eat something, darling! We beg you!


Everyone has seen Teri Hatcher all natural, so why would Playboy Corp. blow $ 10m, which she says is her price: "I mean, really, everyone has a price and $10 million is mine. So I've put it out there."

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Kate Moss and effin' Libertine's Pete Doherty make out on their holiday in France.

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Lohan on the Verge 

Perez is doing some decent Lindsay Lohan reporting these days, showing us the latest skinniest photo of her. But there's more, just dig around Flickr, and the verdict is: if it weren't for the fancy clothes she's wearing here, there's nothing to look at anymore:
Lindsay Lohan

Also, go and look at those nerds posing with Lindsay around town!

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We're all friends now! Jeff "Buzzmachine" Jarvis leaves Advance.net. And everyone is quick to send in his congratulations. Suppose some of them would like to join the currently in stealth mode project ;-)

And always remember:
Jeff: You should always judge what I say about big media in the context of fact that big media bought the suit I wear (and a damned nice suit it is, thank you).
That does give it away somehow, doesn't it?

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That's Why W. Is Funny Pt. 6 

Again, we've been neglecting our that's why W. is funny series for a long time. There've been great moments all the way since last November. Right now he is in Georgia, where he tries to please with an attempt at some traditional Georgian (!ha) folk dancing. The BBC has a video (.ram).


NYT Internal Committee Results on Credibility 

An internal committee at the NYT has worked on "specific recommendations to improve the paper's credibility with readers". Now the grey lady shares some of them with us. They aim to include blogs as a regular feature. Very interesting development, probably enforced by Denton's very own editorial department at the Times. This is calling for a rant by some while others might appreciate it. Buzzmachine where are you?

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Choire On the Verge 

whatever happened to Choire
We linked to this pic in a post below, but in the end we could not resist but sharing our unearthed treasure with you directly. We don't know what Choire Sicha has been up to lately since he is "exclusive to The Times", and note: The LA Times! But there he does not look healthy at all, and it seems to be more than just binge drinking or insomnia.

Tony Danza had a fierce kart accident when he was taping a race for his show, The Tony Danza Show. He was just taking the lead when he took the upcoming corner a bit too fast. Even kid's kart tracks can become a threat to your life, who'd thought? Go and watch the video. [via Grambo]


Kinja Story Takes Off 

Now also Gothamist calls the story behind this weekend's Gawker-empire-story the little mention of Kinja on the side.

Very interesting to watch is a little flickr photostream tagged with 'kinja' (from back in December, though). Photos are mostly by the Lifehacker editing Gina Trapani. There's talk of a Kinja theatre, and heavy server loads!


Denton Pulls the NYT Plug Again 

posers, posers, posers, where is the attitude!?

The Gawker crew gathered in their loft to show off. The only question is what? Anyway, nice little piece in the NYT's business section about the "empire". (BTW, we truly wondered where the hell are Choire [have a close look at this hilarous Choire photo!!] and Gaby Darbyshire in that promotional shot?)

As always, Nick is playing down the attitude:
A blog, he says, is much better at tearing things down - people, careers, brands - than it is at building them up. As for the blog revolution, Mr. Denton put it this way: "Give me a break."
Yet, what gives this downplaying away as some part of the business strategy is that "he declined to say if Gawker was profitable, or how much he paid Gawker's dozen or so bloggers - editors, as the company calls them."

And then, oh, it must hurt so much: " Competitors like Jason Calacanis's Weblogs, with its network of more than 70 consumer and niche blogs, are already copying the Gawker model." OUCH, did you know, COPYING.
Another 'ouch' for all wannabe Coens:
The editors on Gawker are talented, entertaining and informative, Mr. Boyd [of Corante] said, but also indistinguishable from any freelance writer, with no ownership of what they produce. "These people are hirelings," he said.
That's all what you are, hirelings! Yet, we cannot get over the thought that the very author of that article would love to be one of those hirelings, too.

What we are looking forward to: Kinja will be relaunched officially within a month. It's going to be more blogging about blogging, probably Krucoff will be doing it


Paris Hilton Kills 

Paris Hilton kills a racist in Fatboy Slim's latest video. There was also a little viral video to promote it before the official release.

So that was some positive Paris news for to silence those who were upset about our recent dismay in view of her recent pics in Elle.

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Open Media 100: Get Out and Vote 

Honeys, listen, the Technorati folks and associated blog nerds are calling for people to nominate the top 100 people in open media, read: blogs. The categories are: "The Founding Fathers" (what about the mothers, ey? bad choice for a category Sifry!), "The Tool Smiths" (even though WeblogsInc.'s blogsmith platform match at least the name of the category, they won't make it.), "The Trendsetters", "The Practitioners", "The Enablers". So get out and vote for your Dentons, Jasons, Elizabeths, Grambos, Lockharts, Krucoffs, and the likes (we could not namedrop everyone right now)!
[via Ross]


The Winner Takes It All 

The war is over, the decision on the winner has been made, peace contracts are waiting to be signed: Gizmodo vs. Engadget
Engadget vs. Gizmodo


Sexy? We Don't Think So 

Paris as a so not sexy face
Now, folks, have a close look at this. Would anyone who'd consider himself healthy in mind call this a sexy face. Just look at those eyes. Isn't this face totally asymmetric? We know a lot of people who say she's actually got a not so cute face. Why does she still get cover shots on magazines? We just felt like brrrrr afte seeing that, and it reminded us that we've always been right in our judgment about her beauty which is actually not there, can you spot it? any fucking one could look like that! more pics from the latest elle shot. In case you didn't get it: this is Paris Hilton!!!

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