Denton Pulls the NYT Plug Again 

posers, posers, posers, where is the attitude!?

The Gawker crew gathered in their loft to show off. The only question is what? Anyway, nice little piece in the NYT's business section about the "empire". (BTW, we truly wondered where the hell are Choire [have a close look at this hilarous Choire photo!!] and Gaby Darbyshire in that promotional shot?)

As always, Nick is playing down the attitude:
A blog, he says, is much better at tearing things down - people, careers, brands - than it is at building them up. As for the blog revolution, Mr. Denton put it this way: "Give me a break."
Yet, what gives this downplaying away as some part of the business strategy is that "he declined to say if Gawker was profitable, or how much he paid Gawker's dozen or so bloggers - editors, as the company calls them."

And then, oh, it must hurt so much: " Competitors like Jason Calacanis's Weblogs, with its network of more than 70 consumer and niche blogs, are already copying the Gawker model." OUCH, did you know, COPYING.
Another 'ouch' for all wannabe Coens:
The editors on Gawker are talented, entertaining and informative, Mr. Boyd [of Corante] said, but also indistinguishable from any freelance writer, with no ownership of what they produce. "These people are hirelings," he said.
That's all what you are, hirelings! Yet, we cannot get over the thought that the very author of that article would love to be one of those hirelings, too.

What we are looking forward to: Kinja will be relaunched officially within a month. It's going to be more blogging about blogging, probably Krucoff will be doing it

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