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I hate the new PerezHilton.com design... 

Jason is sniffing at Technorati's new design, so on a related note, we will do the same for perezhilton.com We truly thank Jason for the inspiration since his "text" proved to be worth pondering AND considering it for an exercise in intertextuality ;-) :

I gave it a week (well almost a month now).
I tried to like it.
But…. I hate it and I want my classic perezhilton back!!!

What I don’t like about the new perezhilton:

1. cluttered
2. absurdly narrow column for the postings (uhh… that’s what i’m here for people!)
3. did I mention cluttered (with gay ads)?

Now I’ve got 90% of the page filled with stuff I really don’t care about.

perezhilton.com exists for one reason: it gets celeb gossip faster then anyone else. If Whatevs or Goldenfiddle covered shit as quickly as perezhilton you would not see perezhilton screens across all the laptops at tech conferences as people looked for the latest posts tagged paris hilton, tomkat and brangelina.

That’s it. It’s a utility…. it doesn’t need to be fancy. Fancy make it worse… better results makes it better. That’s it.

In fact, given how poor the server performance has been with perezhilton all these extra stuff seems to be making the services SLOWER!

Perez: How about power user page that is really wide and has nothing but the pictures, the first hand accounts, and whatever advertising you need to cover your costs?!? Call it htpp://poweruser.perezhilton.com.

This being said… I’m a fan of the service. Thus the reason I’m upset.

Which did you like better… the new or old perezhilton.com?

[Ed. - disclaimer: any typos or real spelling issues are the sole response of Jason McCabe Calacanis]



Observation of the Day 

Stereogum is "reporting" (we love this verbum) that 2pac knocked "Alex F" off the top of the UK Singles chart. And a someone in the comments articulates the rather worrying observation:
knocked out by 2Pac and Elton ? Say ain't so ! Oasis and Coldplay couldn't knock it out but a dead rapper can ?
There's no hope now....
how true!

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Paris Pretends to Be Stupid for German Ad 

The Fiddler dug up an ad for German yellow pages featuring our dear Paris Hilton. Now a lot of you won't crack the joke that's in there. The Asian guy brings "Brötchen" which is German for bread rolls. Since he is supposed not to be able to pronounce a "R" properly, he of course says "Blödchen", which is like "stupid" or in a rather elaborated manner: "ey, you stupid blonde bitch"! Gotcha!

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Jason Catching Up 

Krucoff's verdict: "I'll cut Jason some slack, he's still trying to play catch up in this game." Jason, it is not a very good sign for your business that you think an all encompassing blogroll is the latest craze. The next season is in stock, sale has started, so why bother with old news. (Ed.- if anyone gets the essential message of the last metaphor, let us know ;-))


Bayosphere, you know the kinky new Dan Gillmor outlet, put up a pledge for its members. Now, very funny, read this, we quote:
I may also provide reviews (such as a critique of a movie or book) and commentary with a point of view based on facts
Have you ever heard of such a thing as reviews of moves or books based on facts. Where is all the talk about bias, opinion and shit? [via buzzmachine]



We've been following Krucoff's latest venture Blottered and what more can we say than: we love you! What a great idea! And since it's about crime, we'd like to point you to a great mp3 blog entry over at a best truth where they have compiled a set of 21 tracks which tell you how to kill a cop.

[Ed. - disclaimer: we truly appreciate the work of the policial workforce!]

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