The IT Blog Relocates 

Dear reader and beloved friends,

we are very sorry to inform you that we have to change domain. From now on you will find us at franzstehrn.blogspot.com Due to an unexpected new pricing scheme at our former host we can no longer afford to stay there. Market forces pushed us to embark on this new journey. Please don't forget to change your bookmarks!
Sadly, this also has some unfortunate consequences for our massive archive of bloggerati memorabilia, e.g. the vast documentation of Elizabeth Spiers looks, the cewebrity switch ads, and the Eurotrash stalking among others, since the image folder will be deleted, too. We'll definitely try to save the Jason Calacanis fallouts and republish the most remarkable faces at one time.
We hope you stay with us, please send an email if you have any advice to console us in these times of change...


Franz Stehrn (editor & publisher :-)

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