Grambo On His Way Down 

See how Uncle Grambo has fallen in the grace of the audience. As far as we can remember the Greek called it peripeteia...

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Emerging Artists 

It's been a rough year [...] but I've emerged.
Great, A.K., but wasn't "Emerge" some electroclash hipster tune by Fischerspooner?

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Read how Madonna got Abba to agree on using the the sample from "Gimme Gimme Gimme" for her latest single "Hung Up" (mp3, video)

also: check out the mash up with M.I.A.'s "uraqt"

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Heidi And Her Ski Instructor 

Word has it that this is the 19 year old Heidi Klum with one of her early close aquaintances, namly a ski instructor, who just broke the old news of their innocent love amidst snow covered mountains to a German tabloid, of course, without hesitating to attach a couple of photos ...

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July Memories 

This photo is a visual gift from Uncle Grambo celebrating Spiers's bookdeal


E. Spiers Is a Bargain 

So, Elizabeth Spiers wasn't able to score more than $ 50K for her bookdeal, and that might just be the highest guess! How disappointing to see the blogging diva selling out for a

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Cohen Gate 

Cohen Gate as revealed by Gothamist. Word has it, this pic has undergone sever photoshopping, concealing the very object of a nipslip - the nipple itself - by making the cleavage of that kinky dress less wide open. Cheaters, willing to show other's but not their own!

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The Secret History of the World 

That's the title of a recent book by someone called Laura Knight Jadczyk. Jadczyk - have you ever seen a name more fake than this one? - forced someone to print her new conspiracy theory about 9/11. It might even be sensibly researched and put together in some form of logic consistency. At least Michael Moore will love it. Go and watch the promo video for some awe! We would love Chris Hitchens to review this shilling shocker.

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Gawker Is No Medium of Conversation 

Gawker is no medium of conversation. If you look at the end of each post, you'll hardly find entries where people leave comments, and if they do it's rarely more than five comments. Will the Denton empire enter the "conversation is king" era of web 2.0?

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Q: What's this: a literary laxative to poop?

A: Word has it, it's the NY Times.

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That's Why W. is funny Pt. 8 

A reader sent in this picture. It's the father, but still it fits well into our "That's Why W. is Funny" series. This time: a fishing spree to New Orleans.

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