Gawker Stalker Corrupting City Life 

So this Gawker Stalker thingy stirred things up downtown. Nick says hooray, what a brillint idea I've had. Others disagree:
Gawker is coy about whether it stands outside, or squarely in the zone of this circle jerk, a stance that was codified when the founders of the last real satiric voice in this city went on to helm Vanity Fair and New York magazines. And since it in and of itself is a vehicle for fame with a low threshold of skill, it is sometimes hard to determine whether the jibes are only the grousing of those not yet in the club of useless celebrity.


degradation of interaction in the city
[ed.- emph. ours]

Meanwhile Krucoff (a very reliable observer these days) steps in: "I like fucking with Jess/Jesse/Nick/Lock but that's exactly my point [about Gawker Stalker]. Consumer-generated garbage in, poorly-designed garbage out." Proof: Krucoff submitted fake sightings.

Not to froget the Salmon's ever so gloomy view of events: "All the same, Gawker Stalker Maps is already a nasty and dangerous web page, and really should never have been created in the first place."

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