Jason Calacanis Violating Wikipedia Rules?? 

Following a tip submitted by one of our readers it appears that Jason Calacanis is under scrutiny of the Wikipedia community:

What do they say?

1. "Regarding Xeni Jardin, you are now in violation of the Three Revert Rule. I am now going to undo your changes and further reversions by you may result in an account blocking."

2. "I'd like to softy warn you that making autobiographical edits to your own page is extremely frowned upon here at Wikipedia. [...] please refrain from making the edits themselves." Moreover:
Your presence as an editor can comprimise the integrity of the page, as editors, unable to confirm your contributions either remove them wholesale or list the page for deletion under the criteria that it is a vanity page. The fact that all of your edits to Wikipedia under this account involve the article of which you are a subject, the article on a former employee (Xeni Jardin) and the article on Nick Denton who's company is described on the Jason Calacanis page as a competitor of yours could contribute to the impression that your sole interest in Wikipedia is to protect your interests.

3. "Please refrain from too much name-dropping though."

There is much more on Jason's Wikipedia Talkpage. They even want to delete his Mahalo entry.

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