Speedcontrol Bikini Bandits 

Topless speedcontrol in Denmark:

Link: sevenload.com

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Best Industrial Video Evs 

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Breaking: Gawker Girlie Blog Set to Launch 

Wielding through lengthy posts on Radar's Fresh Intelligence finally the hot news to get all wet and dripping came in: Gawker Girlie Blog "not-too-distant but still unspecified" launch.
Being the hot item de jour back in November it's confirmed that Delly Eurotrash will not be editing the new chick blog, as she is posting at random on the Jewess. (And way to sick to relocate to NYC.) New girl on the Gawker block?
Anna Holmes, previously known for Hell Hath No Fury.

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One who took the bait from Nigerian spammers and made them look like fools:
This is a video created by a Nigerian email scammer who thinks he is producing a video for a scholarship payment from a victim he tried to scam. Unfortunately for this particular scammer, the "victim" fought back and created a fake video production company with promises of cash!

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Worst Valentine's Day Evs 

F**k, this is lame. So Uncle Grambo aka Mark D. Graham aka Whatevs.org decided to present his new present aka Whatevs.org 4.0 on Valentine's Day. Still it was clearly the worstest of all Valentine's Days for us since he decided to EXCLUDE us from his blogroll. Oh happy days, when we were listed under the "blog dorks only" section, where have you gone .... *cry*

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Jeff Jarvis supports theft on youtube, people in the comments strongly disagree.


Jason and Nick Reunite in Friendship 

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Here we go, there's a new dawn, there's a new life. Archrivals Nick Denton and Jason Calacanis reunite in friendship only after recent disagreement. A simple IM conversation seems to have reinstalled mutual trust. Nick even plugs Jason's new venture, and remarkably, without employing moody wording, playing it rather nicely.
So where's the common cause? First up Robert Scoble and his recent fall out with the gadget boys from both sides. Runner up is the fight against Pay Per Post. Both are "reporting" on the disturbing incident of a mother in "indignation" (and let's name it, in "indignation" for HP), and on PPP's evil plan to force its very own reality show upon us.
What's up next boys?

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