The Wannabe Bond Girl 

So we're just coming off listening to the second installment of the Cinematical Bondcast. Forgive us for rather plain language, but this Athena chick totally sucks. Not only is she lacking basic bond knowledge, but she's also getting all giggly and flirty with Kevin. And that takes up like two thirds of the whole twenty minutes.
E.g. Athena: Oh, you have many favourite bond girls. Kevin: Ah, yeah!, Athena: *gggg* like me *ggg*!
This is preposterous!
Kevin: So who's your best, favourite bond girl? ... Athena: I've always like Melina Havelock from "For Your Eyes Only" ... Why? I don't know ... she's Greek, I'm Greek, no *ggg* I just like her *ggg*, she reminds me of me!

Please, get her OFF the show! She does add NO value to it at all!

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