Nick Denton & Dave Winer Plotting in Berkeley? 

Nick Denton at Barney's in Berkeley
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Nick and Dave Winer hooking up in Berkeley for whatever reason. Befriending Jason's frenemy. There might be a reason, though. Dave has initially been on the panel of experts for the Techcrunch 20 conference, and since been removed [09/14]. Or as he prefers to put it, he resigned after that "Gnomedex incident". Also in reply to Marc Canter who says that everybody on stage at the conference is paying now, Dave claims that this is also his reason why he's not going (in addition to the Gnomedex thingy). Also some Diego is speculating whether Jason was refering to Dave in his latest CalacanisCast 32.
So we bet Nick and Dave are plotting how to sneak in at the Techcrunch40 conference, and to steal Jason's show. But not only will Valleywag try to sneak in, others have plans (see comments) too.

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