Obnoxious Self-Reference in 

the vloggosphere:

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quote du jour:
Who knew Gawker would have more of an impact of Portfolio’s feeling of self-worth than Portfolio would have on Gawker’s, I wonder? [HipMojo]

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aside: 99 aka Miss Representation is now back on YM as 99(Emeritus) after he did not want to confirm his sudden demise earlier this month.

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Dvorak: Economics? I have no clue! 

John C. Dvorak, the ever moaning and murmuring tech geek, is against taxes: We don't need no taxes, and the roads are better where there are not taxes, he claims. Dull arguments. But listen yourself, it's about ten minutes in on the latest installment of TWiT.
The self-proclaimed Cranky Geek has no clue of the simplest economics, obviously. Ever heard of something like the multiplier? He doesn't even need to be an expert on fiscal policy to understand that sort of thing. But he simply might not care for the welfare of others.

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Dave Winer: I don't know IRC 

So the Dave, internet veteran, boaster about all things rss, is confused. He simply does not know how to start a channel on IRC. All in all, quite the astonishing fact, especially for one who's been programming and dealing with computer science his whole life, and in particular for a self-proclaimed geek.

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Winer Calls Calacanis "Idiot!" 

Breaking: Dave Winer calls Jason Calacanis an idiot, because of his now famous Web3.0 post. Dave says: it's an "[...] idiotic post by an idiot who's known for saying idiotic things just to get attention."

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