Mahalo Again: What Do Calacanis and Hindi Movies Have in Common? 

After uncovering flaws in the Mahalo system recently, we have to return to the subject of Mahalo once again. Btw: It is certainly commendable that they did a serp on pdf upon our request, alas it fails to impress; we'd much rather have a resourceful serp. A link to download.com is underwhelming. Foxit reader, anyone? No link to to PDFonline.com? No "curated" suggestion for conversion software? Etc.
However, we'd like to acknowledge the effort of Guide AJ whose sign off phrase on his profile goes: "There's nothing funnier than someone else's pain." Oh yes, we couldn't think of anything funnier than that, pfffff! We're sure it's a great experience for all the Mahalo guides to work with someone who indulges in "someone else's pain".

But to the point of this post:

Submitted links for the boss's, i.e. Jason Calacanis - also known as the community CEO, very own serp include highly relevant links to some obscure hindi film blog and a Frontpage designed website of an unknown imaging consultant. Those links have been lurking there since September 17, or June 08 respectively, and not been dumped to the blocked section. So much for "up to date and spam-free".

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