Say what you may, but Calacanis is really THE community CEO. After our post on some Mahalo flaws, Jason did not hesitate to write up a lenghty comment, even though it was Sunday and even conceding a couple of mistakes. Credit where credit is due, so here the reprint of his comment - lifted from the Haloscan abyss:
Thanks for the feedback.

The PDF page could be a little better, and as you point out we're starting to get feedback from the audience when we miss obvious/good things.

We're finding if we get a page to 70/80% of perfection the public will help us get it the rest of the way there. That's why we have the process.

In terms of folks putting in unrelated stuff that happens all the time. Folks don't understand that they are recommending URLs for the specific page, they think they are submitting ones for the entire site. We're fixing that.

Also, we're looking into why the person who manages my SERP didn't get emails when those were posted (might be a spam filter type thing). We try to deal with incoming links as they happen (the guide get email alerts).

RE: AJ's attempt at humor, well, that was a mistake. Human's make them. However, if you compare our PDF page to Google's it's certainly a MUCH better page.

Bottom line: we're working really hard and learning a lot. We're moving about 10x faster than I thought we would. We've already got over 20,000 pages and we're adding 1,000 a week. We might be able to increase that, and if we do we're on track to have as many pages as Wikipedia in a couple of years.

When we reach scale that's when folks will start to get the value. Right now, if you're a top 1% of the market type person we're not the best solution, but for someone who is part of the mass audience (the other 90%+) we're really helpful.

People who are gifted in technology sometimes have a hard time understanding why people want basic things. My time at AOL helped me understand the mass audience, and that's who we're building for.

You know there are tens of millions of folks that don't know the difference between their browser's URL bar and their search box right? You would be very surprised if you sat in on some of the 75 hours of user testing we've done so far this year.

I've learned a LOT... most of all that people are confused and need really simple products to get them to the really good information that is hidden amongst all the garbage on the web.

all the best, and thanks for checking us out every 2-3 weeks. I think we'll be ready for someone on your level in another year.

best j

Even Mahalo guide AJ's profile has been "updated". And regarding those spam links: whether there really is a spam filter issue for internal emails, i.e. internal communications problem, or a structural problem with keeping Mahalo up to date remains to be seen - well, let's just leave it at that.

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