Memorable Moment 2007 

While catching up on internerd news post holiday breakdown we finally had our "2007 memorable moment on the web": due to high demand, YoungManhattanite.com exceeds bandwith.

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TWiT Sucks 

After listening to the latest twit "netcast" (as Leo likes to call it preferably), we were left awstruck by the shere ignorance which came out of our earbuds. It couldn't be any worse. They might be the tech podcast with the biggest audience, but they deliver no value at all. Leo, Dvorak, and those Revision 3 guys simmer in their silicon valley broth and keep regurgitating the blurbs of their echochamber.
It's a waste of time, unless they get people like Cory Doctorow or Calacanis or Scoble on the show.

Later: Scoble says: "audience size doesn't matter" - take that TWiT!
Second thought: for those of you who complained and didn't get IT: ............................

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Precious Flickr Moments 

Can't wait to go running at 6am in paris.. The eat two pain au chocolate at my favorite bakery in the 8th andr.
Originally uploaded by jasoncalacanis
Jason Calacanis's running shoes.

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Jeff Clavier's Battelle Moment 

Jeff Clavier and Cathy Brooks
Originally uploaded by loiclemeur
When bloggers unite in Paris, Europe, they go crazy. So obvious, he'll hate Loic forevva! (ref. John Battelle)

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Google Charts Predicts Trends For Success 

Google's new charts api is out. Since you can use any alphanumeric character we played around a bit and looked at future prospects for webreneurs. Take it with a grain of salt:






So while Calacanis has some bright days ahead, Scoble should be worried. Denton, Arrington, LeMeur face some downtime, but may be set for a comeback in the next cycle.

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