More Spam On Mahalo 

This is further proof of what we have uncovered earlier.
On Dave Winer's blog the story became clear once again. While Jason Calacanis is so proud to be hanging out with Naomi Campbell and promoting Mahalo at the DLD conference in Germany his concept fails at home. Readers of Scripting.com uncover that Dave's Mahalo page has spam among its recommended links section. Only in reaction to this revelation has spam link since been dumped to the blocked section. The issue at hands in Dave's words: "One of the problems with Mahalo, it always seemed to me, was keeping all those pages fresh. "
It goes without saying that the mob acted quickly to submit Winer-critical links to Mahalo which one of Jason's most loyal fanboi's quickly accepted into Mahalo universe.

Anyhoo, back then Jason kindly enough replied:
"In terms of folks putting in unrelated stuff that happens all the time. Folks don't understand that they are recommending URLs for the specific page, they think they are submitting ones for the entire site. We're fixing that.

Also, we're looking into why the person who manages my SERP didn't get emails when those were posted (might be a spam filter type thing). We try to deal with incoming links as they happen (the guide get email alerts)."
We were ready to acknowledge Jason's lenghty comment then, but we have to take a stance again, because Mahalo has not arrived at "We're fixing that".

More discussion in the comments on Scripting News.

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