When Grambo Stuck It To The Man 

Quietly announced the day after New Year's Day: Uncle Grambo aka Mark D. Graham sneaked in as the new Managing Editor of Defamer. The "new and improved masthead" (who are we to argue?) who is best known for his blogger jargon abandoned ship at his latest project at VH1 to join the ranks of Gawkerites. Allegedly he applied for the JOB, but the overlord has not deemed him reputable enough and acting with due diligence appointed himself for the JOB of housekeeping as we all know.
The move was acknowledged by the fanbois, but went unnoticed by the usual standards. Why Grambo's long term affiliate Krucoff [picture proof somewhere in the dump] failed to touch on the event is beyond our grasp.

To commemorate the old days when Grambo made his first appearance in NY state blogga style:

Making Ultragrrrl spilling on her tees and drink (a lot) .

Having the best week ever with Lindsayism and Stereogum.

One year later: celebrating Spiers's bookdeal.

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