Calacanis Mocks The Wack Pack 

We have to call out Josh Chandler for being among the worst, a stupid interviewer without any sense of how to formulate proper questions, just jerking along the wave of the technology blogosphere, without the slightest hint that he might have put some sort of effort into investigating and finding out stuff about his guest. This is the Technology Gazette interview with Jason Calacanis.
Entertaining, though, is when Jason rambles on about his contempt for the techmeme crowd, especially Allen Stern from CenterNetworks and that Mathew Ingram: "they are these wacky guys ... they're bitter and angry", "these people are not actually doing stuff", "Allen Stern is basically a nobody", "these guys are famous for writing 'trolly' kind of posts ... and now they're A-list LOL", "they have not done anything incredible in their careers, not somebody you should listen to". And Josh is one of them, too.

update: wack pack member Howard Lindzon loses his cool and calls Jason "asshat"

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Lock And Julia On Again 

We had them framed mingling once: Julia Allison & Lockhart Steele.
Now they'r at it again:

That's how they prepare for those Curbed house parties: you're [all] invited!

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The Krucoff Fallacy Of Charity 

The real hero is the person who gives, and then struts and preens in public like they just fucked the prom queen

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"OMG, the literati hit the curb!" 

Fuck you New York! The shitstorm followed, obvs. Usually we'd expect that sort of "honesty" from the Young Manhattanite crew, but the are all tumblrized these days.

[ud]: instead Krucoff wins the culture war - sad.

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Mahalo Exitus 

Mass exitus at Mahalo compound. Key members of the Mahalo workforce quit Jason Calacanis's venture: first in line: Calacanis fanboi Sean Percival, and now Nicole Gustas, too. Who's next? Seems like people are using the startup to learn and brush up on their skills to move on. Lunch four days a week seems not enough to accomodate them for longer.

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