Mahalo Downward Spiral 

Mahalo, Jason McCabe Calacanis's latest venture, is heading for the deathpool as it seems. While Jason tries to get some PR through his paid-slot-on-twitter-suggestion meme his front row is leaving the company one after another. After recent examples of key Mahalo employees leaving now his product director Eric Stephens is leaving just shortly after his Mahalo Daily anchor Leah D'Emilio quit because Jason needs to turn the daily show into a weekly one. According to Jason it's because the show ain't making any money. So he failed with the show which was supposed to help people, give advice, and present fun activities going along with Mahalo's tagline: We're here to help. Not anymore. From now on it'll be a compilation of youtube clips. We'll see how long Lon Harris will stick with it. Will he be the next to turn his back on Jason?
Meanwhile vanity prevails on Jason's side: He wants to join the Gumball 3000. Still, we are looking forward to his new show "This week in startups". It's been a while since he failed to fulfill his initial commitment for his first series of podcasts.

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