Jason Calacanis Riding Coat Tails 

In view of the recent Leo Laporte vs Jason Calacanis ThisWeekIn/TWiT ballyhoo: we are proud to point to an argument which was initially censored by Mahalo. They initially started a site twitquestions.com, where user mactrainer asked whether Jason was riding Leo's coat tails. We replied, of course:

@Jason is definitely riding on @leolaporte's coat tail!! he's a lagtard. since he desperately trys to employ poker jargon, we're sure he understands! never having been able to build a >30mill $ business, he keeps on building on the ideas of others. we're always wondering why these 250mill + people keep meeting him an equal grounds on his #twist show!

Then in an instance of fanboism the mob started to vote our argument down and ironically chose master Calacanis's statement as the best answer. Big LOL!

So we went back into the ring, blowing the horns for our reasoned post:

Seriously, this is ridiculous. Why are you voting me down for expressing an honest opinion which is shared by many among the tech crowd. No need to go all fanboi on us just because we hit the nerve right there, obviously! Rather than vote us down you could engage in developping some arguments. This thought seems to have evaded your fanboism completely, and instead you opted for the childish route. Fair enough! It only renders the Mahalo answers community useless at the end of the day, which by the way is self evident anyway. After all the only people distributing M$ are Mahalo staff members who got their credits to incentivise the system. That system, however, has remained a closed culture ecosystem. Also, as VC involved in Mahalo funding we'd be worried about Jason spending so much time on side projects (OAF, This Week In, etc.). It's clearly a sign that Jason should have remained in the publishing business. That's what he does best. Entepreneurshipwise he's not even a Kevin Rose.

Still, mactrainer deemed it necessary to justify his mob actions: "This is Mahalo answers not Mahalo opinions." Big LOL again since most questions on Jason's answer service are about opinions from religion to weed, least of all mactrainers own question for an opinion.

By now it should be obvious that Mahalo.com is a huge SEO engineering effort - best exemplified by the most popular pages leaderboard: coupons, coupons, coupons! It seems pretty clear that quora.com, hunch.com and now facebook community pages will kick Mahalos butt!

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