Love Actually 

love actuallyLove Actually is brilliant. Certainly not the intellectual kind of movie, but hilariously entertaining. But Americans don't seem to get it. A.O. Scott is far too reasonable in his article. C'mon mate, it's not supposed to be what you want it to be. (maybe the dictionary helps) It is an indigestible Christmas pudding (better: a piece of romantic fluff as the times put it) and I don't see any reason why a film mustn't be that. It's box office no. 1 in Britain. The people like it and laugh about it. Richard Curtis and the people at working title just know how to do it, how to write and compile it. Very professionally indeed. They certainly know how to woo the audience. It may also work because finally this film just expresses freely the opposition of most British people towards US politics (Hugh Grant as the Prime Minister). I wonder why Scott didn't mention Billy Bob Thornton in the role of the president.
After all it's a perfect Xmas comedy, much to laugh about, especially Bill Nighy with a fabulous performance of an aging rock star attempting a comback with a Xmas no. 1 single. Much more to say about this...but read...
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