Belle's Weekend 

Over in Britain this weekend it's all about Belle de Jour REVEALED. According to Don Foster it seems to be Sarah Champion who is the writer behind the anonymous prostitute's diary. The Evening Standard reports how Professor Foster tracked her down. Champion's mother, however, denies that her daughter is Belle. Others say it could be Andrew Orlowski, or is it Andrew Losowsky (are they the same person?). The latter is at least the one who set up the confession board (or is at least hosting it) for outing oneself as being Belle. One of the Andrews could actually be one of the As. Another fact is that Champion is from the Manchester area and Belle often writes of being up North with her familiy. What's more is that Belle has accounts of nightlife and going out which are written in a very similar style to what Champion has published so far. Well, whether one of the alleged abandons disguise or not, you can at least get some Belle merchandise for now. And let's hope Belle de Jour is not a man!

Who is the real Belle de Jour, the internet's best-read whore? [Independent]

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