The Next Fallout 

When Jake "Scooby Doo"bkin started to comment on the latest WeblogsInc site, BloggingBaby, he questioned Jason McCabe's business model as for how things will work out concerning Scale, Finances, and Agency Problems. All well so far. But then he wrote his musings on WeblogsInc's Quality. And that got Bluejake into trouble. Jason got *very upset* when he read:What followed was an IM conversation between Jason and Jake featuring strong language and ... It went off something like:and ended:So what can we learn? First that Jason is easily upset and second that Jake is not a very eloquent person when it comes to confrontation (and that he "forget[s] sometimes that people don't always have the same sense of humor" - well observed!)

Soon the blogosphere was buzzing about the hot topic du jour. And every single blog dork (oh, that's me) weighed in. Finally Jake posted a public apology. What's left is a boost for Jake and his "-ist" force conquering some ground in the blog market. Felix Salmon was keen to write up a quick portrait. Although Jakes still denies competing for some blog audience on a professional level, he actually does. Most obviously by launching direct attacks on both Nick and Jason. So Felix is definitely right by saying, "somewhere along the line, Gothamist stopped being just another New York blog, and started being a proper business which was competing directly with Gawker", - and now WeblogsInc, too.

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