Out of Order 

So we've been out of order for most of the summer. We just couldn't care no more. Meanwhile loads of things happened in the high profile area of the blogosphere: that blueprint girl took over Gawker from Choire, there's been a wedding in the -ist lands which are still expanding throughout urban wastelands across this country, the Calacanis section finally changed their design - hosanna - and the voice of Cewebrity gained a strong following sporting a truly stalking tone. What's more, Grambo fell for Republicans during the RNC, even though he "loathe[s] the idea of giving press to the right" and The Kicker saw some daylight around that time too.
So far so good. That pretty much sums things up, doesn't it? We know we've also been absent with conversation, but feel free to drop us a line about latest developements...

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