Jason's Props Competition 

This post is titled Jason's Props Competition and we'd like to ad: or how to be left alone!
Recently we got more and more enthusiastic about Jason's venture. And then he falls out with Jeff Jarvis, because he feels neglected as far as the amount of props for his sites compared to Nick's are concerned. Jeff then has to give him a lesson i blogging and teach him that blogs are an "and" medium and not an "or" medium.
Later, when Jason dares to attack Steve Jobs a lot of people weigh in, including Felix the Salmon with an hilarious account of Jason the adventurer. Go and read that!

BTW, Felix, why don't you do a "Brief History of Lockhart Steele" like post as he is with Gawker now (you know, like those you did on Elizabeth et al!)

UPDATE: related: Jason hands out the props to Gizmodo for the Bill Gates interview gig! - very kind person you are, Jason!

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